Same Same But Different (2009)

Are you ready for the love of your life in your early twenties?
Drama • 107 minutes  6.8/10
Starring: David Kross Apinya Sakuljaroensuk Stefan Konarske Jens Harzer Anne Müller Michael Ostrowski Marie Jung Lucile Charlemagne and others.
Released • August 13, 2009

Based on the true story of Benjamin Prufer and Sreykeo Solvan. The unexpected and uncertain love story of Sreykeo, a 21 year old bar girl in Phnom Penh and Ben, a young German student traveling to Cambodia on a post graduation summer trip. When Ben returns home to Germany he discovers that Sreyko is sick and he takes on the responsibility to save her. On the way he discovers a world where not everyone is dealt the same cards and where motivations are not always pure.

A.K.A. HU: Ugyanaz, de mégis más  PL: Tacy sami, choc rózni  RU: Тот же, но совсем другой