The Witness (1969)

Comedy / Drama • 105 minutes  8.6/10
Starring: Kállai Ferenc Őze Lajos Béla Both Zoltán Fábri Lili Monori Károly Bicskey György Kézdy József Horváth and others.
Director: Péter Bacsó Writer: János Ujhelyi Péter Bacsó Director of Photography: János Zsombolyai Editor: Sándor Boronkay Original Music Composer: György Vukán Szabolcs Fényes
Released • January 1, 1969

Known as the best satire about communism, banned for over a decade in Hungary. 'The Witness' has become a cult classic, well received by critics and general audiences when it was finally released outside of Hungary. 'The Witness' takes place during the height of the Rákosi Era, which was closely modeled after the ruthless and brutal Stalin regime. The film follows the life of an ordinary dike keeper, József Pelikán, who has been caught for illegally slaughtering his pig, Dezsõ. Instead of doing hard time for his "heinous" crime, Pelikán is elevated into an…

A.K.A. DE: Der Zeuge  ES: A tanú  FI: Avaintodistaja  FR: A tanú  HU: A tanú  PL: Swiadek  PT: A tanú  RU: Свидетель